All I want for Christmas…

October 23, 2007

I am deeply coveting a few Knitting Books right now *hint*hint* to round out my library. Really, my knitting library consists of an old Needlecraft Encyclopedia which I scored at a Library rummage sale, from which I taught myself most of the knitting I now know, and Ann Budd’s Book of Patterns. Any other book that sits on my shelves is gratefully borrowed from the library.

Usually during holidays and birthdays, when WMH asks what I’d like as a gift, I insist on nothing more than love from he and the kids, and maybe for a night off of domestic duties. That is often what I receive in addition to tangible gifts that, while they are appreciated, are often impractical and as a result, not used.

This year, along with the kids, I too will hand my Christmas List to Santa. Here is a sneak peak:

…Just to name a few books and….

Gift Certificates for

  • Louet
  • Yarn and Fiber
  • Angel Yarns
  • Knit Picks

…and, if WMH is feeling adventurous, meaning he’ll actually search and shop for yarn…

  • KidSilk Haze
  • Zephyr
  • Lorna’s

Since I have been a good little knitter (I have been knitting on the cheap this year, see why here) and domestic goddess (3 kids, 1 husband, 2 homes) this past year, I don’t see why Santa would begrudge me a few books and perhaps a few crates of yarn – do you?

What’s on your List?


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