October 18, 2007

I opened my ‘inbox’ expecting to see the usual emails from Knitting Daily, YarnSwaps.com, Bills, junk mail, etc.  And then I saw it … Ravelry.  Like many, I had been waiting to join that wondrous site, but the wait had proven too much for me and so, I started this blog.   This blog has been a great outlet for me,  I can ‘share’ my knitting and get great feed back as a result.  I have also found this blog to be a superb motivator for me, I mean, I actually finished 3 UFOs in a week!  I did get my stash, WIP, UFO, FO and TBK cataloged in pages here that you may never see but, Oh!, Ravelry!  I literally just created my account profile.  It is pretty much a bare site, similar to this blog a few weeks ago.

To address a few items:

Will I continue keeping this Blog?

You betcha!  I have enjoyed this blog.  I have learned a lot through this blog and it will continue onward.  I have ‘met’ some great folks already and I hope to meet more!

To commenter and the general public:

I am but a humble hand knitter.  I love the feel of the fibers.  I love the grain of my bamboo needles.  I love the colors of the fibers.  I enjoy the process of swatching as a test run.  I am a knitter.  I am a turtle knitter.  That is why I have this blog.  I am not writting a book.  I am not a designer (not for the public).  I do not spin yarn.  I do not paint yarn.  I do not own an LYS.  I do hope to create a pattern or two and post them FREE OF CHARGE.  I think knitting is a wonderful art and should be available to all.  To the one commenter, I too have opinions, just like you.  Feel free to comment any time.


One comment

  1. oooohhhhh I’m there!

    I’m bruisin!

    I love that place & it’s priceless!

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