If you know about it, is it a surprise?

October 14, 2007

I have been awaiting a few packages for almost 4 weeks now. Four weeks seems like an eternity, but it can not be helped as I live in Italy and nearly every item I purchase online ships from North America. C’est la vie ( yeah, I know, that’s French – if I studied my Italian more, I might know how to say it!) What was surprising was receiving almost every package in one day. Thank goodness the kids were in school, I don’t think I would have had the space to lug it all home otherwise!

So what goodies had I been expecting?

There is still one more purchase remaining, I am sure it will be here soon. These were my last purchases before going on the DA DA DA Diet. But there too, is good news! Our lonely, empty home, which has been empty for nearly 10 months, has been rented -YEAH! It’s a good thing too, I have never been able to diet – in any form. I just can not deprive myself of anything – it seems like once I say ‘No, you can not have xyz,’ that I want xyz. Yes, I am just like my 2 year old :P


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