Laura’s Scarf

October 10, 2007

Laura’s Scarf.1, originally uploaded by destiknit.


Interesting discovery with this scarf (no, it has not yet been blocked). I found a pattern on LionBrand title “Lacy Leaf Wrap”. I thought it was very pretty and charted the pattern. Soon after, I started a swatch, using one panel of the leaf pattern… well, the swatch grew to what you see above.

As I worked on this one afternoon at the playground, a fellow knitter commented that I was using a pattern from Knitty. I replied, ‘No, not this one. This one is from LionBrand.’ The conversation ended when I showed fellow knitter my pdf print out with the LionBrand title on top.


Since she seemed so passionate about this being a Knitty pattern, I had to look it up once I returned home. It seems, there is a pattern on Knitty, titled ‘Branching Out’, identical to this… hmmm.


A few weeks ago, a fellow knitter from my knitting group mentioned that she had taken a pattern and tweaked it a bit and so now, she has created a new pattern that she intends to sell as her own. This really bothered me, not just because she essentially flipped the chart (mirrored it), but also because it is RIDICULOUS. I mean, I modify and tweak patterns ALL the time. I am 5’2″ and it is almost essential that I modify patterns. Also, I usually do not use the yarn indicated in a pattern and must make my own adjustments to accommodate that decision. Does this mean I too can market these designs as my own? I think not. Am I wrong?


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