October KAL ~ Breast Cancer Awareness

October 5, 2007

This space is becoming less about my organizing and more about socializing with fellow knitters – Ah well. In an effort to attract my dear knitter friends, I am initiating a KAL, themed in honor of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This issue is dear to me.

Years ago, when I was just a child, I remembered hearing whispers around the house that my Grandmother had a mastectomy. Truly, it meant nothing to me then – I was all of 9 and hardly a bud atop my chest. Flash-forward 18 years, I met my husband and learned that he had a lump removed from under his chest – yes, men get breast cancer, too. Last year, I learned a friend was a Survivor of 2 years, after I fumbly asked ‘Why are you running the 5K?’ This past January, I met another Survivor, this Lady is going on 7 years, she is fantastic – tons of energy! And recently, I learned that my Grandmother must undergo a second mastectomy, one that my very well be futile.

As most illnesses, diseases and conditions, we do not think much about them until they have a hand in our lives. Far too often, it is too late. I encourage each and every person – Man or Woman – to check regularly for Breast Cancer, I do. Then join me in the Destiknit KAL and go knit one of these pieces (I am knitting a mv Sisters Scarf):

Sisters Scarves ~by Lisa Lloyd Designs

Sister Scarves

Knitty for the Cure

Knitty’s mini issue dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness

You will find the following Patterns as well as a few extras, such as tit bits.

Shedir Cap


Comfy Socks


Heart Scarf



Ribbon-Trimmed Scarf

by LionBrand

Pink RIbbon Scarf

PDF File




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