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Michelle, My Belle

October 30, 2007

She will kill me for that one :)

Michelle is my sister, my pretty, particular sister. She is six months pregnant and I want to knit her a lace stole or wrap for Christmas, she wants a scarf.  A thick, warm, nubby scarf – in blue. I thought about knitting a lace stole anyhow, but she will not wear it. Hmph, snorts I. I am sort of scarf-ed and hat-ed out, that’s all I have been knitting since September. Holiday knitting – FUN!

I am trying to look at the brighter side, once I finish with the Holiday Knitting, it is clear and wide for ME ME ME. I really do have a long list of TBK, and most of it is for ME, the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, the Cinnabar Pullover, several pairs of Socks and a few Stoles. The only item on my list that is not for me is an Anniversary Afghan, for WMH. But in truth, I will use it too.

I read Eunny’s Editorial Letter in the Holiday Edition of Interweave Knits. She commented that she has resolved this year to knit for only one person this Holiday season, her GrandMother. I think I will make the same resolution for next year’s Holidays. It really is ridiculous how much time and money I put into knits that will hardly be used and truly, not really appreciated. But honestly, I do enjoy giving a handknit gift.


Get yer Knitting Books Here!

October 29, 2007

A few weeks after I started this Blog, I added a Knitting BookStore to my sidebar.  I enjoy this BookStore for two  reasons: (1) I can peruse Knitting Books while I manage my Blog and (2) If I actually earn anything from this BookStore, I can make a better Blog or buy some yarn, probably to knit socks or the like.

I have noticed that other bloggers ask for donations for the very same reason, something I thought about doing but I just could not bring myself to it.  I think the BookStore is a much better idea, we all want Knitting Books.  If you are going to purchase a Knitting Book, please stop by my store, DestiKnit BookStore, powered by Amazon.  You will find great deals, including the same Amazon free shipping offers!

My Picks:


All I want for Christmas…

October 23, 2007

I am deeply coveting a few Knitting Books right now *hint*hint* to round out my library. Really, my knitting library consists of an old Needlecraft Encyclopedia which I scored at a Library rummage sale, from which I taught myself most of the knitting I now know, and Ann Budd’s Book of Patterns. Any other book that sits on my shelves is gratefully borrowed from the library.

Usually during holidays and birthdays, when WMH asks what I’d like as a gift, I insist on nothing more than love from he and the kids, and maybe for a night off of domestic duties. That is often what I receive in addition to tangible gifts that, while they are appreciated, are often impractical and as a result, not used.

This year, along with the kids, I too will hand my Christmas List to Santa. Here is a sneak peak:

…Just to name a few books and….

Gift Certificates for

  • Louet
  • Yarn and Fiber
  • Angel Yarns
  • Knit Picks

…and, if WMH is feeling adventurous, meaning he’ll actually search and shop for yarn…

  • KidSilk Haze
  • Zephyr
  • Lorna’s

Since I have been a good little knitter (I have been knitting on the cheap this year, see why here) and domestic goddess (3 kids, 1 husband, 2 homes) this past year, I don’t see why Santa would begrudge me a few books and perhaps a few crates of yarn – do you?

What’s on your List?


Holiday Knitting

October 23, 2007

I am not sure if it’s the Halloween decorations or the sudden freezing chill in the air, but I am tackling my TBK* list.  Normally,  I am a s-l-o-w knitter, we are talking Queen of Turtles.  I suppose I could knit fast all of the time but I enjoy knitting, it does so much for me, in a therapeutic sort of way.  The repetitive movements, the soft fibers, the budding project and it’s end result, all feels wonderful to me.  I am one of those strange birds in the knitting community who actually likes to swatch for gauge, especially when a stitch pattern or fiber is new to me.  And,  I do not mind at all weaving in ends – it brings closure to the piece .  As I weave in ends, I think of the recipient of the piece and hope they will enjoy wearing/using it as much as I have enjoyed knitting it.  Cornball I am, I am – it’s true.

Come back soon for pictures….

*TBK = To Be Knit



October 18, 2007

I opened my ‘inbox’ expecting to see the usual emails from Knitting Daily,, Bills, junk mail, etc.  And then I saw it … Ravelry.  Like many, I had been waiting to join that wondrous site, but the wait had proven too much for me and so, I started this blog.   This blog has been a great outlet for me,  I can ‘share’ my knitting and get great feed back as a result.  I have also found this blog to be a superb motivator for me, I mean, I actually finished 3 UFOs in a week!  I did get my stash, WIP, UFO, FO and TBK cataloged in pages here that you may never see but, Oh!, Ravelry!  I literally just created my account profile.  It is pretty much a bare site, similar to this blog a few weeks ago.

To address a few items:

Will I continue keeping this Blog?

You betcha!  I have enjoyed this blog.  I have learned a lot through this blog and it will continue onward.  I have ‘met’ some great folks already and I hope to meet more!

To commenter and the general public:

I am but a humble hand knitter.  I love the feel of the fibers.  I love the grain of my bamboo needles.  I love the colors of the fibers.  I enjoy the process of swatching as a test run.  I am a knitter.  I am a turtle knitter.  That is why I have this blog.  I am not writting a book.  I am not a designer (not for the public).  I do not spin yarn.  I do not paint yarn.  I do not own an LYS.  I do hope to create a pattern or two and post them FREE OF CHARGE.  I think knitting is a wonderful art and should be available to all.  To the one commenter, I too have opinions, just like you.  Feel free to comment any time.


If you know about it, is it a surprise?

October 14, 2007

I have been awaiting a few packages for almost 4 weeks now. Four weeks seems like an eternity, but it can not be helped as I live in Italy and nearly every item I purchase online ships from North America. C’est la vie ( yeah, I know, that’s French – if I studied my Italian more, I might know how to say it!) What was surprising was receiving almost every package in one day. Thank goodness the kids were in school, I don’t think I would have had the space to lug it all home otherwise!

So what goodies had I been expecting?

There is still one more purchase remaining, I am sure it will be here soon. These were my last purchases before going on the DA DA DA Diet. But there too, is good news! Our lonely, empty home, which has been empty for nearly 10 months, has been rented -YEAH! It’s a good thing too, I have never been able to diet – in any form. I just can not deprive myself of anything – it seems like once I say ‘No, you can not have xyz,’ that I want xyz. Yes, I am just like my 2 year old :P


Have you noticed?

October 11, 2007

I finally got some pictures up and finished a few WIPs as well, now FO :)) More to come…

Yesterday was a mailbox full of surprises (well, ok – I knew about them) more to come…

…If I had more than 10 minutes, I would do it now, but I don’t.