Pictures, What Pictures?

September 27, 2007

Yes, a good Blog has Pictures, lots and lots of Pictures.

Where are mine?

In my camera.

Remember the good ol’ days when you had an instant viable excuse, ‘My film has not come back from the printers yet,’?

Soon – I will be Flickr-fied soon and share my unimpressive pictures.

Unimpressive, because until recently (a few months ago), it never occurred to me that I should document my passion. And so, there are few pictures of Finished Projects because once they are finished, they are usually gifted – I get so excited – and out of my nimble little hands.

But no worries, no, not a one. It is the Holiday Season, I have several WIPs and have even finished a few. My stash seems to be maintaining its meager figure (thanks YarnSwaps!) so it might be suitable for viewing.

Now, to deal with that PhotoShop….


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