So, where’s my stash?

September 22, 2007

To date, I have cataloged my needles and yarn. But I realize, my yarn is quickly deminishing as I have joined several YarnSwaps, 1 KAL and 1 KAG ~gasp! I feel the need to SHOP! So shop I did. I hit my favorite online shop and ordered a set of 16″ bamboo circulars and 24 skiens of some chunky, wintery type yarn for gifting.

From there I agonized over the purchase of a blocking board. To date, most of my pieces required little to no blocking, if blocking had been necessary, I simply used a few thirsty towels and my desk-top. Why would I need a blocking board? I finally started some lace work and I enjoy it, thirsty towels are not gonna cut it for lace. I found a great deal at JoAnns.com, Sew EZ blocking board, usually selling for$99 on sale for $69.99. Wait, it gets better. Shipping was only $9, total price beats all others I see online. But wait, it still gets better. JoAnns is having a 50% original price promotion. That’s right, I paid $50 for the large Sew EZ Blocking board and $8.95 for shipping.

I did not stop there, no I did not. I purchased some nice, sturdy, rustproof pins for my new blocking board, as well as some beading supplies. I then lingered over to a non-knitting website and purchased myself a new fall outfit ~ it’s starting to get nippy here, big change in weather for me!

All in all, I did not purchase too much yarn so I suppose this week I will have to get out to the market and buy there. The market, by the way, is really any outdoor market here in Italy. Every day of the week there is a market set up on the streets of one town or other. Vendors put out their tables and you shop. You will find meats, cheeses, fish, all sorts of fashion clothing, shoes, LOTS of handbags, housewares, habberdashery, material and yes, yarn.


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