Impatient? Me? ~ nah ~

September 20, 2007

I journeyed out to the mail box today,* giddy with anticipation during the 20+ minute ride. I have been awaiting several items for the past month: a new set of 120cm bamboo circulars (generic but feel and work the same as Takumi), 10 balls of merino/cashmere blend yarn (a foreign label), and my edition of InterweaveKnits Fall 2007.

*My home is out in the local economy, my mailbox is in Little America, 20+ minutes away

I drive through the parking structure where my mailbox is located. I drive slowly and safely because my children are in the car. If they were not, I would be squealing – but carefully – through the parking structure. I pull up alongside the grid-like wall of mailboxes, roll down the windows, turn off the ignition, carefully open the car door, take two quick steps toward box number 2069, slide the key into the slot and – fumble fumble – and – fumble fumble fumble – and – fumble mutter @#!& to self fumble some more- and – rant how I have complained about this sticky lock for 6 months now and – click! I compose myself, looking around to make sure no one I know had the opportunity to see how insane I am. I flip open the tiny little door and peer inside to find a bill, from a credit card company (sarcasm) Yea! But oh! What is this small pink slip of paper barely noticeable as it lay along the bottom of the box? Happy Day! Something has arrived – but what?

I quickly enter the car, fasten seat belt, start car and descend parking structure. The kids have been so good, I promise them a treat. I wave to the armed MPs fixed at each intersection, I am a law abiding citizen and I do not speed, not here anyhow. I take a left and two rights and I am there at the Official USPS annex. I enter the annex and present my pink slip to the happy, smiling clerk.

Since I usually receive yellow slips for packages, I assume that the pink slip is for a periodical – or should I say the periodical. The periodical I have been longing to get my hands on. The periodical I see at our local American bookstore but I refuse to flip through because I am a subscriber. Imagine my face when the happy, smiling clerk presented my with a package.

DK**: “Oh, it’s a package.”

HSC***: “Yes ma’am, it is. Where you expecting something else?”

DK: “Well, no – yes – I – well, I thought packages were given a yellow slip.”

HSC: “Yes they are, ma’am.”

DK: “Then why did I receive a pink slip for a package? Is there a magazine or catalog back there for me? Would you check, please?”

HSC: “Certainly ma’am.”

HSC searches for what seems like an eternity (3 minutes) and returns empty handed.

DK: “Thank you for checking, I do appreciate it. I have been waiting for a subscription and I suppose I am a little anxious to receive it. Why did I receive a pink slip for a package?”

HSC: “Pink slips are for registered mail. The sender of that package sent it registered and insured.”

*feeling small* because I know what is in that package and I did not pay for that extra service. The sender did that as an act of goodwill, I am a returning customer.

HSC: “Ma’am, how do you normally receive your magazine? Have you ever received a slip for it before, because we usually just stuff ’em in the mailboxes.”

My face turns bright red. The heat I feel around my head is actually uncomfortable.

DK: “I – I don’t know, my husband usually picks up the mail.”

I think I can count on one hand how many times I have picked up the mail in the past 6months. I want to run out and never show my face again.


***Happy, Smiling Clerk

I get in the car and try to find some solace in the package I received, a beautiful pair of 120cm Bamboo Circs *sigh* My daughter picks up the packaging material and starts poppin’, out falls cute little stuffie *smile* People are good, there are days when I think all hope is lost for this species and then there are days like today – HSC, BambooLady – you guys rock!

So what’s a down-in-the-dumps, no-knit-mag-havin’ Mama to do? Go shopping. Retail therapy never hurt anyone, right? Besides, I have a soon to be paid bill in my purse – I have to start adding to the balance! And I know just the thing to buy!

I drive to my local American bookstore, one of our family’s favorite places. I walk inside and nod at the clerk, who is having her -nth espresso and reading a CelebritySmut-type magazine. I know exactly what I want and I know exactly where it is. I wisk my way to the back where all of the craft and hobby magazines are displayed. I bend down and without even looking, I pick up a copy of InterweaveKnits Fall 2007. I don’t even wait for my children to make their selections, I place the booty on the counter and ask the clerk to ring me up. I wait for my receipt. I slip my receipt into the back of my newest possession and I feel whole. I tell my children to take their time as I join them in the designated children’s area. I flip through, for the first time, IK Fall 2007. If only I had an espresso, or better yet, a mochiato.


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